About Us


Humanity is global. This site will hopefully challenge leaders in Nations to correct wrongs.  It may not be obvious the change is needed, until it is brought to the forefront and discussed or exposed; as each individual case may be.  The government is now on the shoulders of the citizens of the world so we are all responsible to correct things.  This is a platform to do so. Anything that is just plain wrong,, needs to be corrected. Human life is precious. Lives Matter.

There is a possibility some countries will feature more frequently than others, then that a sign of the decay and rot, therefore corrections need to be made. As the world is redefined due to the coronavirus, the onus is on humanity to make the world a better place. The pressure on the health sector has been like never before.  This is biological warfare. If the virus was intentionally created, the truth will come out as nothing is hidden under the sun.  There are consequences for everything.


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