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Back to School?

back to school

As the pressure increases globally on world leaders to go back to ‘normalcy’’, we have to remember this increase the concerns also when we begin to remember what this was.  In the United States where gun crime and school shootings were high; we use this opportunity to highlight the back to school psa that shook and shone light on school shootings. 

The stay home also reduced knife crime drastically in the United Kingdom, especially in London the capital.  Majority of the schools in the UK are on the mid term break, with a resumption for the rest of this school year to run from 1st of June until the 17th of July, when they break up for the summer holiday break.  A school year like never before, with the GCE O & A level exams cancelled.

Schools are like never before, worldwide, with metal detectors being the norm. The safety of the children has now moved from violence to the unseen enemy.  There is and will continue to be a long debate on teacher and pupil safety when the lockdown is lifted with the return of schools and the workforce.  Will physical distancing and the wearing of masks be mandatory? Another question is – how will any new outbreaks be curtailed, managed and what methods are in place for contact tracing?  This will be more difficult, city to city and from country to country. Easing the lockdown, as it has been discovered, preventative action are more effective than the cure; or the recovery as with COVID-19.

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