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SatofSat will have a segment on highlighting the frequency of acid attacks, the consequences if any around the world and the life changing effects. 

UK crime: Acid attacks carried out every 3 days

What is the punishment for acid attack?

The Section 326 A in the Indian Penal Code lays down the punishment for acid attacks. The minimum punishment is 10 years’ imprisonment. It can extend up to life imprisonment with fine. A separate law to punish offenders in such cases was passed along with amendment of law on sexual offences.

Pakistan: – Cases of acid attacks on women drop by half

Law to help acid attack victims passed by Pakistan lawmakers

In Pakistan, acid attacks have decreased drastically, over the years because of increased awareness and fear of punishment. A 50 per cent decline was witnessed in acid crime cases across Pakistan since 2014 — the year which saw as many as 153 acid attacks:  8 May 2018

India: Winning the battle against acid attacks

Acid Survivors Trust International

Acid attacks are a form of violence that transcends geographical boundaries. Although it is equally unacceptable when acid violence occurs against men, attacks…

Acid attacks:treating the physical and psychological scars

Changing Faces: Acid attack survivors need comprehensive help in an inclusive society

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