Events in the COVID-19 Pandemic

events in covid-19

These are times like never before, in some situations mothers are not allowed to hold and thereby bond with their newly born children for fear of the covid-19 infection.  Dads have had to watch the birth of their first children by video due to social distancing.

Graduations have taken place early with Doctors being ‘drafted’ early into the war.  Across the globe classes across all institutions have been online and in the United Kingdom the GCSE / O’levels& A’ level exams have been cancelled. Birthday celebrations have been through video conferences. 

Weddings have been limited to the couple and a few witnesses.

Funerals in many countries has been by cremation and in some other countries the restriction has limited to the immediate family alone.  There are limitations to the numbers also.

‘Drive throughs and drive by’s’are being incorporated more frequently with every week that goes by where we remain in lockdown.  This for a birthday, the celebrant stands outside their house and people drive past slowly, singing and saying their greetings and wishes.  With funerals, people drive past to pay their last respect.

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