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roads in nigeria

ROADS – Yes, Roads

To improve the country, we have to put away the days of the people who approve government contracts across the three tiers of government receiving 10, 20 0r 60 percent of the contract sum.  This is not to point finger or ask questions like “what kind of people do that?”  It is the people who have a lot of blood on their hands, because whether they accept it or not; they are responsible for the craters on the roads that have killed and maimed millions over the years.

 It is irresponsible for any government to only have the statistics of the number of eligible voters for every ward in the country but cannot account for the number of deaths caused by illegal check points, bad roads &container carrying trailers that have left the port that are visually not road worthy. These trailers with missing wheels have been loaded by ports staff, checked by customs and excise, checked by the ports gate security – the have  driven past multiple check points and no one deemed it fit to prevent this from happening? Are we that desperate for a morsel of bread but are willing to go through the grief of losing a family member when the container falls off the trailer bed?  Life has to be more precious.  In some countries the pets are valued more than human lives are valued in some parts of the world. Things have to change positively and improve now.  Excellence is not perfection.  It is time to strive for excellence.


We are always elated to hear ‘one of our own’ has been appointed in the global parastatals or Agency, such as World Bank, W.H.O., UN, ADB, AU, ECOWAS and many others – we are not overtly concerned about which of the “6 geo-political zones” the individual is from.  This is also not considered when Nigeria as a nation does well in world sports.  We don’t wait to find out if the football player that score or scores the winning goal is from our state of origin, town or village; before we celebrate with euphoria.  If we do this so frequently, then we are capable of living in unity. 

Over the course of the year, we will be focusing on step that could help with uniting the country.  With the COVID-19 now impacting the world, I do not think those who are infected and being treated would be against and vehemently prevent,  a health care professional not from their state or geo-political zone from treating them. So why is there such mayhem when it comes to everything politics and politically related?

Solutions proffered:

It should be made illegal to have the following on any form:

  1.  State of origin, Town, Local Govt. Area
  2. Father’s / Mother’s  State of origin.

Only for an international passport, should “Place of birth”  be on the form.  Yes the criteria for apply for a passport have to be thoroughly reviewed but they do not have to reflect on the passport itself by the time it is issued. 

It should NOT be essential for an elected governor to be an indigene of the state.  The critical essence of the National Youth Service Corps founded in 1973 was to integrate Nigerians from the North, South, East and West of the country.  There are millions of Nigerians living in different parts of the country that differ from where they were born or ‘where they are from’. These people can relate more with the people of the state they live with than those who are’ indigenes’ and they end up looting the state of the financial resources that should have been a blessing to the citizens.  Let’s hope this topic does not cause more fireworks than the war against the coronavirus.  Your thoughts?

Boko Haram and Insurgency

This is a topic that SatofSat is going to aim at getting contributions from those who are fight the war (our brave military forces) and those who have been victims . We are open to input from people who fall into this category.  We plead with the Federal Government to kindly  dialogue with our soldiers and provide all the equipment they need,  The same way the health workers need their personal protective equipment (PPE) so our brave female and male soldiers  and other members of the armed forces that they team up with; need to be adequately protected.  These are people, trained with skills very few people have.  They are children to their parent, and parents to their own children, spouses and siblings. Their lives truly matter.


‘There is only one way we at SatofSat are going to use to evaluate progress.  This is what all Nigerian should work towards achieving:  One of our young female daughter’s (Nigerian female child) between the age of 20 and 24being able to confidently drive from Sokoto State to Lagos State.  All that goes in the middle being considered; the aim is to get from one destination to another – without fear or favour.

Second scenario:  Nigeria is a holiday destination of choice and on the ‘bucket list’ of the “‘places to visit” by individuals and couples from countries in continents, other than Africa.  The do not have any Nigerian friends they are coming to visit neither have they been invited for any social event. They are also not here on business nor lured through the internet. The keys words are “Holiday Destination of Choice”.  This is the vision of SatofSat. 

For some reason, the same voices that said “Can anything good come out of Nazareth? ” echoes in our ears but SatofSat would like to offer a sound of warning, that another person was once told “”You will see it with your own eyes, but you will not eat any of it!” Our hope and plea – is that we will all work together to make this a reality.


Globally the aviation sector is greatly impacted.  Impossible is a word that SatofSat would us e in only one sentence but it is not to be used now.  This is the time for Nigeria to consider setting up a world class airline. 

Twenty20 and the few years after, the aircraft will be the cheapest ever to purchase. The reason for this is that many airlines will unfortunately be not be in business by the time the ‘new normal’ starts.. The interiors of the aircraft will eventually be reconfigured before the confidence to fly returns..  Physical distancing, though incorrectly referred to as social distancing is the game changer. We will return to the skies but Nigerians must start putting their money back in Nigeria, in companies employing Nigerian and paying taxes in Nigeria.  This is the only way to grow.  The services that surround the aviation sect must be delivered with excellence.  This is not the time for the airports to be neglected, but for them to be revamped.  Air-conditioning, conveyor belts, tarmac repair, cargo services and all essential services in relation to having an updated, healthy and efficient aviation sect – must be reviewed and implemented. 

There must be trust in the public system.  The work that has been done already is commendable, but this is the time to improve in leaps and bounds and not to regress.  By choosing only half a dozen international destinations, there are enough Nigerians without including tourists; to keep such an airline afloat.  Quality must be flawless &Quality of service, faultless.

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