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60% of Beijing Flights Cancelled & Schools Shut as Coronavirus Surges

60% of Beijing Flights Cancelled & Schools Shut as Coronavirus Surges

The  Chinese media announced that more than 60% of commercial flights in and out of Beijing have been canceled as a result of new coronavirus outbreak. Residents were asked not to leave the city after new infections were detected.

According to the Communist Party’s Global Times’  website,  as of 9 a.m. Wednesday, a total of 1,255 flights to and from the capital’s two major airports have been stopped.

There have been strict measures put in place to limit travel in and out of the city, especially among those coming from districts where new cases have been detected. Beijing had essentially eradicated cases of local transmission but in recent days has added a total of 137 new cases with no new deaths.

The threat level was raised from 3 to 2 pn Wednesday, leading to the cancellation of classes, suspending opening up plans and braced up social distancing requirements.

It is has not been stated schools will be able to reopen. For now, schools are being advised to return to their online learning programs as even college students will not be returning to campuses.

Most of the cases are said to be linked to Beijing’s Xinfadi wholesale food market; people of Anyone who had visited the market in the past two weeks or had come in contact with them were lined for testing on Tuesday. About 9,000 workers at the market were tested already. The Xinfadi market was shut down.

Before this second wave of infections, the city had not had any new COVID-19 cases in 55 days.

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