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Volcano erupts in Indonesia leaving several villages engulfed in ash.

Merapi volcano

Indonesia’s most active volcano, Merapi has erupted after being monitored as the second-highest volcano alert in the history of the state.

The volcano mount Merari erupted in the early hours of March 11th, 2023, and continued into the night.
The larva flow is said to be up to a mile long.

Apart from the havoc of the larva flow, the densely populated island of Java was covered in ash, from rooftops to floors and everywhere imaginable. Local flights had to avoid the dark clouds of ash as they arrived on the island.

Also, the eruption largely affected the sun rays which were blocked from reflecting enough light in the surrounding villages leaving the inhabitants behind a dark cloud of ash and lava.

Though the government had to put an end to mining and tourist activities for the time being and have people leave the area, some locals have complained that roads damaged as a result of the eruption are slowing down movement.

People from neighboring villages who were asked to leave the danger area were seen returning to their homes. Some of the locals Claimed the damage was not so bad so they planned to leave if the situation became more severe like in previous years.

In 2010 over 300 lives were tragically lost and about 280,000 people got displaced.

For now, no casualty has been recorded with respect to Merari’s volcano eruption in 2023.

Parameters of the danger zone range between a 3 to 7 kilometers radius from the center of the volcano.

If the zone continues to expand villagers will be forced to evacuate permanently until the situation is contained.

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