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World’s loneliest whale, Kiska dies at 47


The world’s loneliest killer whale, an orca called Kiska has died. She was believed to be 47 years old. The Ontario Canada Marine land authorities said during their announcement.

Kiska first lived in the North Atlantic waters with another orca named Kieko. Kieko starred in the popular 1993 movie “Free Willie”. She lived with the whale Kieko when she was captured at the age of three.

Afterward, Kiska was moved several times. She was taken to a number of North American aquariums before getting to her final destination in Ontario’ Canada’s Marine land.

At the Marine land, Kiska gave birth to five calves, who all sadly died not long after their birth.

Kiska lived in captivity for 12 years. Her solitary confinement earned her the title of the world’s loneliest Orca.

Later on videos of Kiska bumping her head into her tank wall in the bid to get out started to make rounds across the internet. Concerned individuals raised awareness on the issue of her welfare, they explained that orcas are extremely social animals and Kiska should be allowed to roam free.

All hopes to have her released into free waters were shattered since her death.

The government of Ontario announced on the 9th of March 2023 that the killer whale Kiska was dead. Having been informed by the marine land authorities.

The marine land authorities mentioned that her health had steadily deteriorated weeks before her death, their mammal care experts had done all they could to make her comfortable during her stay, and that she would be missed.

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